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10th Planet Jiu Jitsu is a No Gi Jiu Jitsu, Submission Grappling and Wrestling Academy.

TGC has another solid performance at the Grappling Industries Sub Only Tournament in Brisbane

It was another huge day of learning for the comp team at the recent GI Brisbane Sub Only tournament.  A smaller team entered the event with 6 students and Coach Adam taking to the mats.  There were some very hard fought matches and plenty of submission with the team walking away with 7 medals from the day.


Jennie Mortimer - Silver (division), Bronze (Super Absolute)

Lisa Sloan - Gold (division)

Devon Coetzee - Bronze (Super Absolute)

Kelan Pitcher - Silver (division)

Jack Langley - Gold (division)

Adam Gray - Gold (division)

Although there were few competitors the team showed up in force to support each other and it was definitely felt.  It was a long day for some of the students who were in stacked divisions resulting in up to 7 fights for the day.  

Everyone displayed some outstanding skills finishing with some technical submissions.  There was a lot of defence on display and some moments that highlighted where we need to work on.  Everyone showed true sportsmanship both on and off the mats, in victory and in defeat.  It was another great day of learning and developing together as a team.


The Grappling Club takes out first place in the teams No Gi at Grappling Industries Brisbane

After a very solid year of growth and development the competition team was keen to head down to Grappling Industries Brisbane for the final event for the year.  Our team of 10 competitors trained hard in the lead up to the event and their hard work showed.

All team members who competed took home a medal with some claiming two in both their weight division and Absolute division.


This is an outstanding result for a club that has only been open for 12 months.

The team taking first place in the overall team No Gi.

The team taking first place in the overall team No Gi.