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Yogi Malinda and BE Energy join the Grappling Club

The Grappling Club is pleased to announce that Vinyasa Yoga classes start this weekend.  Led by Yogi Malinda Dalzell from BE Energy the classes are designed to help improve your BJJ and every day health and happiness.


Classes start from just $10 per class for Grappling Club members and $15 for non members.  All are welcome.


Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga is also known as the Power Yoga or Yoga Flow, it stems from Ashtunga Yoga.  It is the most athletic type of Yoga, with the student using their breath to move through each pose.  To begin the class we use the breath to move through the sequences whilst we warm up the body and build a sweat.  Once the body is warmed, we move into the Yin style, this is where we will settle into the deeper stretching Yoga poses to really work on your flexibility.  The class will finish with a 5 minute wind down meditation, this leaves you feeling rested, replenished, mindful and reconnected with your breath.    

BE Energy